The Kurdy Group of Companies was founded in the early 1950's as a Customs Clearance and Transportation Company based in Aleppo, Syria. Through the years, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner to the Syrian industry and developed sounds expertise to handle virtually all of the import and export needs.

That original seed has grown into a conglomerate of successful family owned companies under the Kurdy brand name. Through the success of Kurdy Customs Clearance Company over 50 years ago, the Kurdy Group has diversified into other business sectors that both complement and support its unique mission to provide the best service with no compromise.

In the early 1990’s, the Syrian pharmaceutical market began to emerge and many pharmaceutical companies were established. That is when Kurdy Group decided to buy shares in one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Syria, which became a leading pharmaceutical and healthcare company in the Middle East.

Meantime the group recognized the demand for high quality glass ampoules and was the first in Syria to make an investment in a glass ampoules manufacturing plant, which is now considered to be the largest in the region. We keep on adding new production lines equipped with the latest technologies that allow us to satisfy the different needs of our customers and ensure optimum quality.

Kurdy Trading Company was then founded in order to bridge the gap in the supply chain for manufacturers and suppliers in Syria. The trading company is an extension of our core activities to add value to our services and concentrates predominantly on importing chemical raw materials, specialty chemicals and additives for many industries including the polymer, rubber and plastics industries.

Kurdy Group continues to grow by seeking new investments and developing collaboration agreements with companies worldwide.

Kurdy Group Statement

The Syrian market, as we see it today, is promising and encouraging, and the economic diversity in Syria gives new horizons to commerce and industry, which is why we work tenaciously to understand our customers' needs, strive to meet and exceed their expectations, and constantly seek new investments and collaborations. This strategy composes an important part of our business priorities and values.

We know that the best ideas come from collaboration with our staff and clients, and through integration into both commercial and industrial sectors. Therefore, we continuously look for improvements within the branch in which we are operating, develop and maintain long-term relationships with our clients, and continually adapt to our ever-changing environment.

Our Vision

The principal focus point of our strategy in Kurdy Group is increasing our activities in Syria by improving the existing operations, implementing novel strategies and establishing new projects and partnerships.

We will keep on identifying business opportunities that match our principles and vision, delivering exceptional services and making valuable contributions to our society. Our main goal is to constantly provide our customers with products and services of better and consistent quality based on a strong commitment to integrity and ethics.

Already today, we are developing the range of our packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical sector, working on new partnership deals with chemical companies worldwide and building a comprehensive network for the marketing and distribution of chemicals.